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We are among the highest winrate players today.

  • Jackstack99: $1000 HU Hyper reg. $2.5m profit since 2012
  • Bubbleoutcas: $200 HU Hyper division. #1 Profit 2016 & 2017 $100 HU Hyper
  • Wubblepig: 49 cEV last 20k $100 spins

We’re not coaches and backers who used to be top players, we’re coaches and backers who are top players.
Online poker evolves fast. We are grinding online everyday using our strategies, continually improving them, and passing them on to our players.

We are exclusive

With 651 we value personal interaction and small group collaboration. You are one of a few, not one of hundreds, and we personalize every plan to give
you the best opportunity to reach your goals.

In addition to 1v1 coaching with Wubblepig and our GTO specialist coach, our small group sessions with Jackstack99 run twice a week with 1-5 players.

Every player is in a private chat with Jackstack, Bubbleoutcas, Wubblepig and our manager for instant feedback and discussion.
We are selective and will remain so.

We have top resources

  • Jack has created over 200 hours of premium video content
  • Exclusive 5 part video pack by Jack focusing on reg vs reg play
  • Postgame software to look up GTO solution to every hand
  • GTO and exploitative preflop ranges in easy to use format
  • Skype+Forum strategy areas
  • Jackstack 3way and HU HUD

Take your game to the next level with Team 651. Learn to be the best.

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Calling turn and river probes vs regs and recs

Videopack 4- ip calling turn and river probes vs regs/recs from TEAM 651 on Vimeo.

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Meet The Team

Jason "Bubbleoutcas" Philpott

Versatile high stakes poker player who left Virginia for Montreal after Black Friday to pursue his passion for poker. He crushes $100 dollar Spin and Go’s and HU Hypers as his main game and in the past was a top regular in mtts and 180 mans. A former collegiate swimmer you can now find him posted up at local indian restaurants on friday nights.

Jack "Jackstack99" Ketendjian

Former waiter from Queens, New York. After Black Friday, he moved to Montreal with $800 and a dream. He rapidly moved up the stakes and became a regular in the $1000 HU Hyper games on Stars. As Head Coach of 651 he hosts group coaching sessions five days a week and is dedicated to teaching his GTO, exploitative and mental game approaches versus regulars and recreational players alike.

Scott "Wubblepig" Woods

Scott has been grinding spins full-time since November 2014 and has always played the highest stake, maintaining over 4% throughout 2016. Scott left a full-time career to follow his dreams of being a pro poker player. Outside of poker, Scott spends time with his spin grinding girlfriend “duckratme”, coaching 651 students and playing football unsuccessfully.

Rudi D' Souza

Rudi D’Souza is the full time manager of Team 651 and has a business background in sales, technology and managing teams, both in and out of poker. Extremely knowledgeable in poker software and set up; and available throughout the day to help resolve any technical or poker related issues so that you can keep focus on your grind and skill growth.

What our current and former players say

If you want to become a great poker player and make a lot of money: Joining Team651 is the best way to do so. With top of the industry coaching, and support from some of the best people in the industry you get the tools you need to achieve success.

It is because of their support and guidance I am a WSOP Bracelet winner as well a High-Stakes Reg.

Ryan “Protential” LaPlante
2016 WSOP Bracelet Winner
Run It Once Coach

Both Jack and Jason were amazing help in my development as a poker player when I joined team651. These guys are fantastic to have by your side if you’re looking to take your game to the next level.

Phil “Grindation” McAllister 2016 WCOOP 10K High Roller Champion
2016 WSOP Bracelet Winner

I joined Team651 at the end of 2013. Poker changed a lot since then and players need to adapt and improve every year in order to stay on the top. Team651 provides you with every resource you need and Jackstack99 and his awesome crew are putting a ton of effort into running this stable. I can only recommend Team651 to any serious player that wants to learn from the best.

Stefan "Jackteller77"

$100 HU Hyper Division

I joined the group as a $15’s Spin Reg, losing to Regs overall. In the space of 3-4 months (with hard work) I moved from 15’s > 30’s > 60’s which I’m now currently beating for 60 cpg / 6%ev.

100% of my success is down to Team 651. The coaches (Jackstack99, Wubblepig, Bubbleoutcas) are currently crushing some of the highest stakes online (HU & Spins) which I think is invaluable as our strategy is relevant to what is happening right now in the games, not years ago.

It was clear from the start that I wasn’t just a number and they wanted to develop me as a player and progress me through the stakes.

The support literally can’t be faulted, Rudi is there 24/7, if you have an issue he’s there for you in minutes.

Stephen “iBowden”
$60 Spin Regular

When I joined Team 651 i was an average micro/low stakes MTTSNG reg. I was persuaded to try out spins by some of the guys. Having never played shorthanded or a hyperturbo before the thought was a little daunting at first. I quickly moved from the 15s to the 60s due to the excellent style of coaching. Jack being a highstakes crusher is able to explain concepts in a simple and very easy to understand manner. The team of coaches are 100% behind getting you to play to the best of your ability. The group as a whole are a great bunch of guys and are always willing to answer any questions. If you are looking to improve your game I cannot recommend this stable enough. Together with the new knowledge I have learned and some good luck the team has literally changed my life.

Graeme “G-Pro74”
$60 Spin Regular
$720,000 Spin and Go Winner

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Take your game to the next level with Team 651.

Only the most committed, goal-driven players accepted. Apply now:

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Team 651?

Team 651 is a spin and go staking and coaching group that is run by 3 great hu/spin and go regs (Jackstack99, Bubbleoutcas and Wubblepig). We all dedicate ourselves to helping anyone on 651 reach their highest potential in poker and also in their personal lives. We make sure our players have the resources and support to take their games to an entirely new level, and will help in any way that we can outside of poker as well.

What are our core values/purpose?

Our core values are to change people’s lives. Nothing beats the feeling of when a player comes to us and lets us know how strong of an impact we have made on them. Our purpose is to help each and every player to realize their full potential.

What do we stand for?

We stand for sustainability, we don’t hope to be the best, instead we take strategic action to make sure that there is no doubt we are the best. With sustainability in mind we make sure that what we are teaching is always up to date. We as a team are constantly improving and evolving.

What is a no makeup ev deal?

The days of being in makeup and stressing about downswings are over. In our new deals we pay you your cEV from 2x-25x at the end of each month, the only way to be in makeup is if adjusted EV is negative! These deals allow you to focus on the poker and make variance a thing of the past.

What players are we looking for?

We are looking for ambitious, driven, hard working poker players who make a commitment to excellence and continuous learning. If you have dreams of becoming a top 10 spin and go player in the world, we are looking for you!!!!

What is our coaching method?

We do live play video reviews in which one selected player each week grinds live on teamviewer, and the rest of us watch in and see what can be improved on and commentate over his play, we record these sessions and our commentary so that the player who is being reviewed can watch it and listen to what we have to say about his game. Also we do concept videos once per week as well, we go over each specific spot in spins so that we have all areas covered. Also we have private one on one leakfinder review sessions, hand history reviews, and live plays.